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Artist: Into Century

Album: Nobody's Slave

Label: Target Records


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INTO CENTURY is an extremely talented and trail blazing band on the Danish rock scene. Their style is American westcoast “active rock”, which makes the band rock’n’roll pioneers in Denmark. The combination of leadsinger Jon Century’s very rare and unique voice and the bands incredible high musical standards, has made the band a name as a rising star in Denmark.


In November 2012, INTO CENTURY released their second Album “Nobody’s Slave” on Target Records ( who also works with acts such as Volbeat etc.). Also in 2012 Into Century was approached by UK film production company Sterling Pictures Ltd. who wanted to use the song Nobody´s Slave for the sound track for the horror movie Scar Tissue (to be released in 2013).


Earlier that same year, INTO CENTURY went to California to shoot a musicvideo for the track “Nobody’s Slave” for their new album of the same name. This video was put on rotation on The lyrics refer to the very important topic of human trafficking. Prior to these events, INTO CENTURY independently released the single "Dare" in 2011. This track was taken from the album that later became “Nobody’s Slave”.


The music video for “Dare” was also put in rotation on Because of their great success with their music videos on MTV and their unique sound in active rock, INTO CENTURY was invited to play a show case at MTV headquarters in Santa Monica. Only three Danish bands in history, have achieved that honour. Furthermore they played gigs at such legendary rock’n’roll clubs as “Whiskey a Go Go” & “The Key Club”.

INTO CENTURY’s debut album “Into Your Sun” was released in October 2009 by Sony Music who had signed INTO CENTURY earlier that same year. On this first album the boys worked with music producer PETE MARTINEZ. (Queens of the Stone Age, Horrorpops and Backyard Babies).


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Million Dollar Management

Bo W. Lauritsen

Europe +45 20 91 10 01

US +1 310 866 6253


Into Century is:

Jon Century - Vocals

Christian Warburg - Guitars

Jeppe Bruno - Drums

Morten Schrøder - Bass


Into Century

Foto: Oliver Bjerrehus


Band Bios: Jon Century | Christian Warburg | Jeppe Bruno | Morten Schrøder


Jon Century
Jon started writing and composing at the age of 11. From 1998 to 2000 he lived in Los Angeles and studied at the ”Musicians Institute” in L.A. He received private classes from the highly respected singing teacher Carol Rogers. Besides studying he played a lot of gigs from open mic sessions to solo gigs. He wrote songs and developed his singing skills.
From 2000 – 2002 Jon moved back and forth between New York and Los Angeles and recorded lots of songs with other musicians. In New York Jon lived for only one dollar a day, and slept on various friends sofas. 
His life in USA was everything from living the jet set life in penthouse suites to living on the streets.
In 2002 Jon moved back to Denmark and released his first solo album.
From 2003 - 2005 Jon took two courses at the ”Complete Vocal Institute” in Copenhagen with the world famous singing teacher Cathrine Sadolin.
In 2005 Jon released his second solo album ”My Love”, which received a lot of attention from TV-stations in Denmark, and he performed several times live on different TV-shows.
In 2007 Jon met Jeppe, and a year later Into Century was formed with it’s current members.


Christian Warburg
Christian has always played the guitar. He showed fast progress in his early teenage years, and he soon began dreaming about making a living as a guitar player. A dream he has pursued ever since.
After high School Christian made it to The Royal Academy of Music, from which he graduated in 2001. During the years on the Academy, he joined the band ”Fruitcage”. In 1998 they had a hit on national radio called ”Go Away” and the band toured all of Denmark. Same year Christian played in the house band on a Danish tv-show on national tv. During those shows, he played with a lot of  national and international artists – Cliff Richard and Sarah Brightman among others.
Since the Royal Academy of Music, Christian has carried on working as both  session musician as well as songwriter. He has co-written songs for several Danish artists, and has written a jingle for a TV show on Danish TV-2. Furthermore he has played on a large amount of records – including several no.1. hit singles.
He has performed as a guitar player on several TV-shows in both Germany and Denmark and has performed with almost every major artist in Denmark. He has toured in Germany, South Africa, USA, Israel, Tunisia, Austria, Belgium, Italy and in the Czech Republic.
Besides his  burning passion – the band Into Century – he is the guitar player for the English 80’s legend Paul Young.


Jeppe Bruno Birch Hagemann
Jeppe grew up in a creative enviroment with a family consisting of actors and musicians. He got his first drum kit at the age of 11, and got deeply fascinated by it. He grew up in a small town in the country side where he played, rehearsed and developed his skills together with his musical playmates.
After high school, he took a year studying music at MGK, followed by a stay at  ”The Rhythmical High school”, which was very inspiring for him. Jeppe studied drum programming and recording of drums.
Since the age of 20 JEPPE has been a professional musician. He has recorded and performed with a large number of well known Danish artists. He has performed in TV-shows and played lots and lots of live concerts and those activities has let him to USA, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Bulgaria and Greenland.
Jeppe met Jon in 2007, and a year later Into Century was formed with it’s current members.


Morten Schrøder
Morten picked up the bass at the age of 12, and got his basic rock education listening to and playing the music of his heroes from the 90’s rock era. Eversince Morten has continued to explore new musical territories, but has always returned to the world of rock music. Over the past decade Morten has played hundreds of gigs in Europe and the US, and although he still works as a sidekick in various other music projects, his heart belongs to the rock-bass in Into Century. Loves the kick of the live performance!